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JitterbugJitterbug Perfume is a formula inspired by Tom Robbins, who was presenting at a Prophets Conference at the time of its creation. Jitterbug contains the essential oils of vetiver, nutmeg and cinnamon plus one secret ingredient for you to discover. Our Jitterbug is mysterious, uplifting and a mild aphrodisiac. 1-888-633-2214

TantrikaTantrika is a blend that massage therapists and sensualists have been enjoying for some time now. The original formula for Tantrika contains the sultry aphrodisiac ylang-ylang in a blend that includes magical Mexican marigold plus the joyful tonic of coriander. Tantrika is a gift of love to those who have the good fortune to experience it. 1-888-633-2214

ShamanikaShamanika is for healers, body-workers and sensitives to the subtle frequencies of vibrational medicine. Shamanika contains the finest white sage essential oil available, plus a drop of cedar to enhance the blessing & purification of the sage. Shamanika is a powerful medicine gift. 1-888-633-2214

NefertumNefertum was inspired by an etheric contact with the aromatherapeutic traditions of ancient Egypt. Nefertum balances the anabolic and catabolic forces in nature & the masculine and feminine energies within human beings. Our Nefertum contains the purest jasmine, rose & sandalwood essential oils. 1-888-633-2214

Astral HeavenAstral Heaven is a unique formulation that soothes the emotional body and enhances entrance into the realms of lucid dreaming. You will enjoy the subtle alchemy of a blend that includes blue chamomile, neroli and rosemary among its ingredients. 1-888-633-2214

BarakaBaraka is a beautiful blend of rare oud or aloeswood oil with sandalwood and mysterious osmanthus. Baraka is not for everyone. The Sufis say that the wearer of Baraka must have achieved a particular station of the heart & soul to benefit from the blessing of the oud. This is for you to discover. 1-888-633-2214

JitterbugMagi is a unique formula suggested to us by medicinal aromatherapist Barry Baruch Kapp. Magi contains the magical trinity of galbanum, frankincense and myrrh -- mystical gifts arriving by caravan from the far east. Our Magi is haunting and we have added a topnote of gold by sheer alchemy. This blend is considered to be anti-viral and an anti-cancer formula. We make no medical claims but welcome testimonials! 1-888-633-2214

JitterbugMerkava is created for meditators who wish to travel to faraway star systems in their light bodies & return to the Garden of Eden right here on earth with a sweet
memory of the journey. Rumour has it Merkava is also a love tonic given its mystical infusion of myrtle, rosemary and magnolia. Merkava connects the heart (tipheret) to the crown (keter). 1-888-633-2214

JitterbugNervana is a healing ally that helps to balance the central nervous system. This gentle blend creates a devic medicine wheel with the essential oils of juniper, geranium, helichrysum and its resinous sister, immortelle. You can use it to massage all the acupressure points of the ear before a deep sleep (can diminish tinnitus). 1-888-633-2214

JitterbugAmygdala is an aromatic gift from Mary Magdelene who is in the news again at the close of the age of Pisces. Our sources suggest she cultivated an aromatherapy garden in Migdal overlooking the Sea of Galilee. When you wear Amygdala you will feel deep love and peace as you absorb an infusion of healing hyssop, narcotic spikenard & exotic narcissus. 1-888-633-2214

QdoshkaQ'doshka is the Cherokee word that speaks of sacred sexuality. It offers a portal to the spirit world and says yes to the senses as a carrier wave to ecstatic states of union, ecstacy & bliss. Our Q'doshka combines the sultry heat of cassia bark, the heart tonic of cardamon with the gentle surrender of damiana. Q brings core issues to the surface! Use it sparingly... 1-888-633-2214

DendaraDendara is designed to transport you back to the temple where sacred music, dance and mysteries of the goddess open up hidden chambers of your heart & soul. If you are ruled by the planet Venus astrologically ( a Taurean, a Libran or a friend of the Hathors) you will treasure Dendara. There is something here beyond narcissus, nutmeg & neroli. Dendara is like a night of trance dance in a bottle! 1-888-633-2214

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