Crop Circle Oracle

Crop Circle Mysteries 1987-2015

A majestic Power Point presentation & seminar
with Joseph-Mark Cohen, kabbalistic astrologer,
founder of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School
& tour guide to planetary sacred sites.
You will be mesmerized & delighted
with the 88 Crop Circles that Joseph-Mark will illuminate drawn from his Crop Circle Oracle Deck.
You will be startled by the power of the circles that resonate with
the Mayan Calendar, 2012 prophecies, the Kabbalah, Pythagorean number mysticism,
Zero Point Energies & much more.
This is a Seminar that will transform your view of the Universe!


Merlin Tour 2015


Order your Crop Circle Oracle Card Limited Edition Deck today:
Send $77 via paypal (or interac in Canada)
Price includes p & h plus a telephone reading
with Joseph-Mark....

2015: 'for your friends' special
Buy 3, get 1 free: 4 decks for $232

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